A content analysis of 130 hours of the main Spanish morning shows reveals that the gender gap in the use of expert sources has not improved much since the last report of the Global Media Monitoring Program (2015) which counted that, on a global level,  only 19% of experts are women.

The survey was conducted between March 30 and April 9, 2020. Of the 263 expert sources interviewed, only 69 (25.7%) were women. TVE, Spain´s public broadcaster, reaches a 37% of women experts, with which the average between private networks is down to21.5%.

On the dates of the stufy, the main topic was the pandemic caused by COVID 19. According to the latest report of Women Researchers sponsored by CSIC in the areas of Biology and Biomedicine, 34.7% of the lead researchers are women and in the case of Medicine the percentage rises to 55%. These figures coincide with the conclusions of Niemi and Pitkaken. The low presence of women as expert sources does not reflect the levels of participation of women in academics or the workforce.